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Our Services

Business Solutions

Let us help you build your success bridge through our custom designed solutions for your business needs. Solutions aligned with current economic and IT events to help you keep your costs minimal while watching your revenues raise against economic downturns.

  • Business Digital Imaging (Branding)
  • Professional Services (Accounting and Tax)
  • Web Design, Hosting and Maintenance
  • Social Media and Mordern Marketing Tools
  • Office Equipments & Supplies

Training Solutions

Don't get left behind in the dinosaurs age. Let us keep you up to date with current technological skills. Through our step-by-step training on a variety of world class pruducts and services.

  • MS Office, Windows and Outlook.
  • Business Administration and ICT integration.
  • A variety of business applications.
  • All CompTIA training and Certifications
  • Variety on Microsoft Products (MS Teams, Azure, MS 365 and Dynamics 365)

IT Solutions

Our wide range of IT Solutions, from Cloud Computing to servers, networking, MS applications, etc. are to ensure a better communication (both within and out side your organisation), ease and secure access to critical resources and information. 99% up time guaranteed.

  •  Software Installation, upgrades & Maintenance
  • Cloud and Onprem Computing Solutions
  • Server supplies and configurations
  • Cloud Data, Server, Network Security, Backup and Recovery. (Manual and Online)
  • Desktop and Remote support
  • Networking, Internet services advice & connections
  • Network installation (Cabling), Trouble shooting, upgrading & Administration
  • (Cisco, 3Com, Telkom, 3G) Routers, Access Points and Network Switches Configurations
  • Printing and Accessories supplies.
  • Microsoft D365 Support (CRM and ERP, Sales and Marketing) 
  • ITIL Solutions
  • CCTV Camera Network and Support

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